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In this article I’ll help reveal some of the choices you need to make in choosing your next creative design agency in Cambridge. Choosing a new agency to partner with can be one of the most important and difficult decisions any business can face, so I’ve included here some helpful hints and tips to exclusively reveal some of the decisions you should be looking at in your decision-making processes, and discover the best value and performance for your company’s design & marketing budget.

In choosing a creative design agency, look at the quality of their work, their experience within the design sector, and value-for-money. I would suggest looking at the new virtual, online design agencies such as virtualdesigncloud, whom combine all the best qualities of traditional creative agencies, with online systems and workflow to deliver your work at much lower rates.

Consider using your new agency as part of your team, rather than just a separate resource – look at how easy the agency is to work with, what are their communications systems, and have they easy-to-use, online systems to help speed up the creative workflow?

List what criteria you are looking for in your creative design agency in Cambridge – what sort of previous work have they undertaken, does their creative fit with your companies’ marketing vision? What staff and resource does the agency have – do they have the sort of skill-set your company will need as you grow?

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