For any design agency, 'proof-of-the pudding' is in the creative output and marketing successes we have created. How we design is only half the story – the key is how this creativity grows your company's sales, expands your businesses' reach and markets.

Our aim is to transform your marketing work into strategic success. By leveraging clarity and positioning, with strong creative input, we create powerful brands that connect and grow. Below is just a selection of our recent creative projects from a cross-section of our clients. Contact us to find out more.

High-performance analytical instruments

Kore Technology are one of the world’s premier manufactures of scientific instruments based on Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry; their online presence was more 1990’s than 21st Century, and Kore came to virtualdesigncloud to re-design their website.

Their new website is responsive, informative, easy to browse and offers clear information to their potential and current clients. We drove their content home through a comprehensive strategy, evaluating what resonated the most with their current clients and potential audience.

In the end, we helped a brand that was hungry to re-establish its dominance get there in dramatic style.


Wound-component innovators

Carnhill Group are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bespoke transformers and power supplies; split across 3 different, out-of-date websites, Carnhill came to virtualdesigncloud to completely re-think their web presence.

At virtualdesigncloud we reimagined and redesigned Carnhill Group’s digital customer experience, turning mundane websites into an expertly curated, design-led exposition of their brands, incorporating a staggering volume of information into a slick and visually appealing package.

We embarked on a digital transformation of Carnhill Group, and our website redesign covered everything—the tone, the digital content, and the overall user experience.


The U.K's leading acoustic solutions provider

Environ Group provide packaged plant solutions for architects and development companies to enclose air-conditioning systems – and virtualdesigncloud came up with a fresh, innovative website design to showcase their solutions.

To distinguish itself from Environ’s competitor’s, we believed that they needed to bring their business story to life through a compelling online design to highlight and showcase Environ Group’s unique products and services.

By rebranding and refreshing their website, we ensured an optimal online experience for Environ’s customers.

Success is sweet

Lucky & Co are a small family run luxury cake company based in Chelmsford in Essex, who came to virtualdesigncloud to both fix the coding behind their current website, expand the content and prepare the site for an e-commerce system.

Lucky’s current website developer had left the website in a precarious coding state, with critical software not updated, resulting in a site that could not be user-updated. By analysing the site issues, virtualdesigncloud were able to swiftly update the website.

In addition to content updates, we setup the e-commerce system WooCommerce to allow for future online sales.

Cambridgeshire's leading stairlift supplier

Cambridge Stairlifts are one of the East of England’s leading suppliers and installers of stairlift solutions for homes, and they came to virtualdesigncloud seeking a fresh-new look to their existing online presence, to help expand sales and enhance the brand positioning.

However, brand-positioning their website was a tricky proposition, as their client-base ranges in demographics from people in the 20’s, through to their 90’s! So we produced an easy-to-use, clearly laid-out site, especially designed for older-aged users with poor vision.

The result is a re-thought omni-channel design to reach new audiences in powerful ways .

East of England's leading recycling provider

Red Skips 2U Ltd are a family-run company in the East of England providing skip hire and recycling services to domestic and commercial customers, and they were looking to launch their new website to coincide with the opening of their new recycling centre.

Most website designs in the recycling industry and poorly thought-out and designed, and virtualdesigncloud took the opportunity to push the design envelope for Red Skips, to produce a stimulating site by leveraging its unique position.

The resultant website is a slick and visually appealing package to compliment their range of services.


Cambridgeshire’s most exclusive chauffeur company

We were approached by Cambridgeshire-based chauffeur company Safety Driver to expand their appeal beyond their current geographical reach. Our creative approach was to respond to the need to cut through the advertising traffic in a hugely competitive market for chauffeur services.

The audience for our campaign were top-level executives and their support staff, in companies and organisations based across Britain. Time for them is pressured, so any loyalty to particular brands can be easily undermined by competitors offers. We decided to embark on a highly creative approach that would transform their experience, earning loyalty with entertaining and emotionally-driven marketing.

Top U.K. record producer and composer

How to showcase and expand interest in top music-producer Martyn Phillips creative work with a dynamic, eye-catching new website was the brief supplied to virtualdesigncloud.

We decided to leverage 21st century marketing by employing SEO, web development and e-marketing across multiple channels to raise awareness and expand Martyn’s client range. We set project objectives and timescales, and conducted background market-research using in-depth competitor research and analysis.

The end result was one of the top-ranking websites for music producers in the U.K., a much greater market-awareness of Martyn’s services, and greater click-through and open rates across all channels.


Design work for Goldhawk Productions

Designing and implementing a range support creatives for several BBC radio productions was the brief supplied to virtualdesigncloud.

We chose design options that were diverse and creative, providing an end-product that looks professional, personalized, and obviously original. The challenge was to achieve an aged and ‘weathered’ look to the creatives, as if manufactured at the turn-of-the-century. The collateral included a board game, label designs, a complete design for a pack of playing cards, and supporting advertising materials.

Using our online systems we kept the client informed of every stage of the design and production process, coming in both on-time and in-budget.