We offer insights and creativity across both digital, branding and print design. We bring brands to life through great ideas that reach out, engage and connect with your customers. Original thinking is at the heart of what we do – great brand design creates change for the better, with branding and activation working close together, we can deliver the marketing that your business needs.

We provide your business with excellence in website design, corporate print design, digital marketing and SEO, 3D and POS design, branding and photography. We provide the skills to plan, design and execute your marketing activity across a wide range of media. We combine strategy, creativity and content, and whatever your marketing needs, virtualdesigncloud has the expertise to deliver it right, every time.


We specialise in digital design, making your new website distinctive online. We’ll help to unearthing your strengths and differentiators to tell a powerful brand story online, understanding that somewhere between the right messaging and the right visuals, magic happens – and our creative team will make that magic happen.

We bring brands to life – designing a successful website is one of the most important aspects of your online marketing strategy. We analyse your online appearance, delivering cutting-edge digital design to increase your business by integrating your website, mobile, email and social media presence.



We work with your business to change the way people think, feel and act about your brand. Transforming undecided into committed, passive into active, audiences into fans, and shoppers into buyers – your brand strategy is the framework that sits behind your marketing to the world, and we give brands purpose and bring them to life.

Your brand need a unique story, something that connects your business with your potential customers, and we need that story to start designing. We invent brands with clients, or re-invent them ready for new business challenges. We can help you deliver smart strategies, great execution and impactful content that captures hearts and minds.



virtualdesigncloud bring brands to life through inspired print design. Your business is much more than a name or logo – let us showcase your vision, personality and values, creating a distinctive visual experience unique to your brand. Our work connects with smart, sophisticated audiences, stands out from competitors and creates lasting value.

We create stories through print design to express who you are, while connecting with your most coveted audiences. It’s about stirring emotion and inspiring action. The kind that leads to revenue. We provide brand messaging, positioning and orientation, product mapping and competitive analysis, visual identity with logo and brand development.



Our passion is creating professional and unique commercial photographs. From industrial, to advertising imagery, and commercial products, we create engaging imagery that supports and enhances your marketing and communications requirements like no other.

Photography is a powerful and essential means of communication for marketing, conveying your brand's messaging in a powerful, instant fashion. This is even more true when quality commercial photography is combined with an equally high standard of design, where the message delivered is greater than the sum of its parts.