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If you are choosing a design agency in Cambridge for your next in-house marketing and corporate communications requirements this can be a difficult decision – most smaller companies lack in-house marketing resources, so need to out-source design work to third-parties. I reveal in this exclusive article what key points should you look for, and what sort of company should you choose, for your next creative agency, and I’ve written this short article to give you handy tips, hints and practical advice, in choosing virtualdesigncloud as your new design agency in Cambridge.

In choosing your new agency, look not only at existing, bricks-and-mortar agencies, but also at virtualdesigncloud design agency in Cambridge – one of the new generation of virtual, online design agencies, who can provide the same level of service and experience, but at much lower costs to you, with streamlined, simple pricing and delivery.

It may be tempting to simply web-search for a design agency using Google, Bing or Yahoo; however before searching, there are some important questions you should ask, especially as many existing design agencies will put on a good show at the initial meeting, but you may find that once your project has commenced, can quickly appear to lose interest, and seem more like a trader than a partner.

1. ask yourself if the agency is a good fit for your company – define your company’s strategic goals for advertising and branding and analyse if the new agency fits these goals.

2. look at the agency’s resource skills and background – has your choice of a creative agency the experience to deal with your marketing communications?

3. look at the design agency’s creative output – can they deliver the sort of marketing vision for your company that your company is seeking?

4. what sort of costs will your chosen agency present you with – will there be lots of hidden charges at the end of your job?

These are some of the questions you should ask in looking for a new design agency in Cambridge.


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